At Johku, we strive to keep pricing as simple as possible. We also want to ensure that costs are incurred only once we have succeeded in helping you close sales. Rather than requiring long commitments, we offer a genuine partnership that benefits both parties.

You only pay when we succeed!

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Johku commission ranges from 2.5% to 0.1%. The higher the volume of sales, the greater the advantage in the commission. The commission is charged for a tax-free transaction and includes all basic Johku functionality. The commission price does not include fees charged by sales channels or payment intermediaries, nor separately priced additional services such as foreign channel management, SMS, photo services or similar. The price of these services will be indicated when you order the service.



Frequently asked pricing questions

Johku’s pricing is tiered and tied to the volume of sales through Johku.

The review period is always one calendar year and the invoicing period is one calendar month. The price is calculated automatically and each tier has a set pricing level. This is visible on the commission invoice initially as a higher percentage cost, decreasing on later invoices as revenue increases throughout the year. 

You can calculate the fees you would pay yearly using the sliding revenue scale above. 

Commission tiers

Revenue €    Commission
0   2,5%
10000   2,25%
20000   1,75%
30000   1,5%
40000   1,3%
50000   1,2%
75000   1,0%
150000   0,85%
300000   0,725%
400000   0,65%
500000   0,575%
600000   0,5%
700000   0,45%
800000   0,4%
900000   0,375%
1000000   0,35%
1500000   0,275%
2000000   0,225%
3000000   0,15%
4000000   0,1%
5000000   0,1%

The commission fee is calculated from the net final amount of all receipts generated in Johku. The receipts can be found in the Invoices section. You can find commission fees that have not yet been invoiced in the settings of Johku’s interface, under the “Other” tab.

If you make only an order in the system that does not produce any receipt (in effect not invoiced through Johku), no commission fee is charged.

No. is an online travel agency and reservations made through the service are shown in Johku through channel management. These are treated as orders without a receipt. Channel management, however, is a third-party service with a monthly fee.

If an order is cancelled and removed from the system, a refund receipt is generated. This automatically refunds the commission fee. If the refund occurs on a different month, the refund is taken into account on the commission invoice of the given month. NB! The commission invoice cannot be negative, so if the refund is larger than the commission fees of the given month, the refund credit will not be transferred to the next month’s invoice.

Yes. Johku technology enables business with and, i.e. a receipt is generated in Johku. 

No. Chargeable additional services are clearly stated separately. These additional services include text messages, specific payment methods, and channel management. Sales channels also charge a fee from sales based on their pricing. Johku’s own webshops are included in Johku’s commission. 

The total cost is the sum from sales channels, Johku, additional services, and payment service providers.

Directly integrated Gofinland and Retkipaikka are purely commission-based and the total cost is calculated as follows: Sales channel commission + Johku’s commission + payment service provider’s commission fee. 

Sales channels integrated into Johku through channel management (OTA, e.g. calculate the total cost as follows: Sales channel commission + Myallocator monthly fee.

There are also additional services available within Johku or separately. Johku Kickstarter or  Gofinland photography services are examples of separately buyable services and invoicing is done separately. Additional services within Johku (logged into a Johku account), such as text messages, can be bought from Johku’s interface. The prices for these are shown at the point of order. 

Commission and and most other service prices exclude VAT. This may be highlighted with a VAT 0% description in conjunction with the price. 

The use of Johku’s e-commerce platform and acceptance of the service agreement is only possible by companies, organisations or other parties with an active business ID. In B2B commerce, prices are typically stated excluding VAT, as companies can deduct the VAT from the reported VAT of their own sales.
If the shown price includes VAT, it is specified in conjunction with the price details. 

Johku is a unique new tool that travels with you wherever you go. The e-commerce platform helps you sell your products and services while tracking your business development.

Johku also saves you time by automating sales, reservations, and customer service task management. Together with our strong partners, Johku enables efficient e-commerce!

Sami Hänninen

CEO, Johku Concept

Minna Mikkola

Communications, Merchant Support
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