Google Calendar and Johku

Granting Johku access to your Google Calendar allows Johku to:

  • Create calendars for the products and resources you have selected in Johku
  • Create, update and delete events within those newly created calendars based on resevations made for those products and resources
  • Obtain the list of your Google Calendars for creating a list from which you can select an appropriate calendar that you want to use to block certain time slots from reservations for a Johku product 
  • Read the busy time slots from those calendars and use that data to block those time slots from being available for booking in Johku

An access token is created upon authorization and stored in the settings. This key is used to make updates to your Google Calendar based on the changes in reservations made in Johku.

Allowing Johku to access your Google Calendar enables the "Synchronize reservations to Google Calendar" functionality, which will automatically create, update and delete events in your calendar to match the data in Johku.

You can also use your Google Calendar to limit the availability of your reservable products by attaching an existing Google Calendar to a product. The times that are marked as busy are automatically marked as reserved, but no other event data is loaded or displayed to anyone.

Johku does not load or store calendar event details and only those calendar names that you have selected to be used to control the availability of a resource are stored in a database. The calendar names are only shown to the authenticated users of your Johku account and are not shared with any third parties.

Johku is a unique new tool that travels with you wherever you go. The e-commerce platform helps you sell your products and services while tracking your business development.

Johku also saves you time by automating sales, reservations, and customer service task management. Together with our strong partners, Johku enables efficient e-commerce!

Sami Hänninen

CEO, Johku Concept

Minna Mikkola

Communications, Merchant Support
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