Our big idea is to significantly improve the discoverability and buyability of Finnish products and services in today's highly competitive digital environment. We also want to make sure that everything works in a lean and reliable way, also from the end-customer's point of view. We do this by working with a wide range of different partner. Johku is part of a greater ecosystem.

Strategic contractual partners

  • Visma Pay, Paybyway Oy (payment processing, dynamic cross-selling support)
  • Seita Technologies Oy (payment terminals, dynamic cross-selling support)
  • Netvisor, Visma Solutions Oy (financial management, automated payment tracking, invoicing)
  • Channex / Buuqit.com Ltd. (Channel management of accommodation)
  • Bòkun / Tripadvisor (Channel management of activities)
  • Tervarumpu / Repovalkea Oy (Johku's alpha testing)
  • Aptual Oy (Qualified Google Partner, Google Workspace Reseller)

Strategic integrations

  • Zapier-integraatiojärjesteämä
  • Yale home (Yale locking solutions)
  • SMSAPI (Johku SMS services)
  • Deepl (AI-based translation)
  • Smartum (employee benefits)
  • ePassi (employee benefits)

Network of integrated solutions

  • Hotellinx, hotel reservation system (availability)
  • Ropo Capital Group Oy (automated invoice tracking, invoicing)
  • Other payment service providers 
    • Stripe 
    • Alipay (via Stripe)
    • Paypal
    • Paytrail Oyj
  • Ålcom (SMS Gateway, two-way SMS services)
  • IglooHome Ltd. ( automated smart lock and key box management)
  • Ratna Oy (smart locks)
  • Adax (smart heating)

The Future of Entrepreneurship

Johku is a fast-growing e-commerce platform in Finland. Its support for all product types, coupled with a vast array of features, makes Johku a competitive choice for numerous companies.

Ilkka Lariola, CECO

Ilkka Lariola, CECO

Johku Ecosystem and New Merchants
Sami Hänninen, CEO

Sami Hänninen, CEO

Concept Design and Development
Minna Mikkola

Minna Mikkola

Communications, Merchant Support