Johku is a modern Internet technology created for digital commerce, by which a company, organisation or other party with a business ID (hereinafter ‘the merchant’) sells its products and services and, correspondingly, a private customer, company or organisation (hereinafter ‘the user’) buys the products and services sold by the merchant. Johku is developed and maintained by Aptual Commerce Oy (business ID 2735384-2, hereinafter ‘Johku’ or ‘we’).

This document explains in greater detail these principles and the rights of the registered user and merchant, which Johku complies with in personal data processing. The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most significant international legislative changes concerning data protection, the purpose of which is to increase the transparency and controllability of personal data processing from the perspective of the individual. In all aspects of our development work, we aim to comply with the stipulations in the regulation, and even to exceed them.

By using the Johku-based platform and by buying from merchants, the user accepts the conditions of this data protection principle as applying to him/herself. Similarly, by using Johku to sell products and services, the merchant accepts the conditions of the data protection principle as applying to itself.

Personal data processing in Johku

Area 1: Merchants and other parties interested in Johku

Area 2: All users that buy from a Johku-store

Google Calendar

The Google Calendar can be used by merchants to view reservations made in Johku and to limit the availability of reservable products.
Read more about how the Google Calendar data is accessed by Johku.


In questions concerning our data protection principles, registers and/or personal data processing, please contact:

Sami Hänninen
Tel. + 358 40 721 7717

Aptual Commerce Oy / Johku (Business ID: 2735384-2)
Energiakuja 3
Tel. +358 40 721 7717


Last modified 17.5.2022

Johku is a unique new tool that travels with you wherever you go. The e-commerce platform helps you sell your products and services while tracking your business development.

Johku also saves you time by automating sales, reservations, and customer service task management. Together with our strong partners, Johku enables efficient e-commerce!

Sami Hänninen

CEO, Johku Concept

Minna Mikkola

Communications, Merchant Support
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