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Tickets on your mobile or in your hand

Mobile tickets to email or traditional printed ticket? You can do both with Johku! The mobile ticket can also be sent to the customer directly from the POS. All tickets can be printed and resent afterwards.

Seating maps as needed

VIP seats in the cinema hall? You got it! With Johku you can create specially priced seats in the hall. In addition, you can connect a safe zone function in the hall, which automatically sets empty seats to help in exceptional situations.

Real-time reservation status

You can see the reservation status of the show in real time in Johku. If you use the seating map in the show, reserved or in-basket and free seats are displayed directly on the seating map of the show.

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E-commerce and cloud POS in one package

Johku includes an online shop and checkout functions - all accessible in the browser and fully responsive. As long as your internet connection works, you can sell with Johku anywhere, anytime. With a wireless payment terminal and a mobile device, for example at outdoor events.

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Built-in ticket verification

All you need to check your tickets is a smartphone and an internet connection: your phone's camera reads the ticket code, and the Johku Reader browser app checks and signs the ticket as used. You can also use a separate QR code reader or a smart scanner to read the code.

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Serial tickets and gift cards that are also valid in other Johku stores!

Johku's value cards, serial tickets and gift cards, are both mobile and printable - you can also set your own pdf template for mobile ones. The codes can be used both in the online shop and at the POS, and also in other Johku shops, according to your choice!

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Versatile payment options

Versatile and secure payment options are available for online shopping. Take advantage of Visma Pay, Paytrail, PayPal, Stripe, ePassi and Smartum payment methods. At the checkout, you can use cash, card, voucher and mobile wallet payments. Some billing functions are also available to you.

Automatic reporting to distributors

Johku integrates with the Maccsbox system, so that visitor data from shows is automatically sent to distributors. In addition, you can manually create and schedule Johku visitor, sales and other reports, and take daily reports directly from the POS at the end of the day.

Movie databases at your disposal

In addition to the The Finnish Chamber of Films' movie database, Johku is connected to IMDb and TheMovieDatabase. Their film information is searchable and available in your movie product with the click of a button. Easy and fast product import to your store!

Features optimised for theatres

Johku is a way of working and developing

Johku is based on extensive research into customer decision-making and buying in the digital world.

Choose how your gift card looks

It is possible to set a template for all value cards and serial ticket value cards. This way the gift card or serial ticket is generated in pdf format on the desired layout.

Movie automation makes everyday life easier

Johku is connected to key background systems in the movie industry. Movie data can be retrieved from both the Film Chamber and IMDb APIs, and cinema attendance data is sent to distributors via Maccs integration. 

All present?

With Johku, you're always up to date on the reservation status of events - whether you're on the ground or on the road. Real-time information on how many tickets have been booked, sold and scanned at the door brings certainty to your operations.

Extensive invoicing functionality

Johku has all the functionality you need for invoicing. You can invoice individual orders or create a consolidated invoice from several different orders. You can also choose to automate the entire payment monitoring process up to the point of collection and concentrate on the essentials yourself.

Upcoming features

Johku is constantly evolving through the ideas of merchants. You can find new features under development in the Johku Ecosystem. You can also submit your own ideas to our Idea Register, where they will be evaluated and transferred to the development process. 
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The Future of Entrepreneurship

Johku is a fast-growing e-commerce platform in Finland. Its support for all product types, coupled with a vast array of features, makes Johku a competitive choice for numerous companies.

Ilkka Lariola, CECO

Ilkka Lariola, CECO

Johku Ecosystem and New Merchants
Sami Hänninen, CEO

Sami Hänninen, CEO

Concept Design and Development
Minna Mikkola

Minna Mikkola

Communications, Merchant Support